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The Royal Stag Story

When we want something done right at Royal Stag, we do it ourselves. That’s why we built our own construction company from the ground up. Royal Stag founder, Will Saputo, looked far and wide for a custom home builder that could get his job done quickly, but there was a gap in the market. So instead of joining a waiting list, he constructed his own team of hardworking professionals to build, and design Royal Stag properties on time and within budget. With this determination and vision in mind, Royal Stag Construction was born.

Today, Royal Stag Construction is striving to be one of the top construction companies in Traverse City MI. Our goal is to bring this vibrant energy and endurance to clients in the market for a custom home build, or design project. We have curated a team of talented professionals to provide a one-stop shop for your custom home build needs. We are also fluent in design for all home styles. Whether our client prefers a rustic farmhouse look or a contemporary luxury style, Royal Stag has the experience and breadth of knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind design plan they will love coming home to.

Explore our portfolio to learn more about our skills, capabilities, and areas of expertise. We have a variety of unique properties under our belt that highlight the unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation we bring to the table.

Check Our Construction Masterpiece

The Forks River Haus

Welcome to our brand-new, exquisite 3-bedroom, 3-bath Scandinavian haven. Step into a meticulously curated space where every element reflects the essence of Scandinavian minimalism.